26 September 2005

Two Americas?

I often ask myself why it is that there often appears to be two Americas. The America that I believe in; the land of the free and the home of the brave. And the America that we see on TV - the land of the oppressed and the home of the cowardly.
After perusing the major news outlets today, it became a bit clearer to me just why that is. As I’m sure you’ve heard, while the Gulf Coast was getting battered by Hurricane Rita there was an anti-war demonstration going on in Washington. CBSFOXCNN gave us almost exactly the same story: “Cindy Sheehan, mother of a US soldier who was killed in Iraq took part in the largest demonstration against the war since America invaded Iraq. A coalition of anti-war protestors also took part, including Joan Baez and the Reverend Jesse Jackson.” With only minor changes or additions, that’s what we were told. You can see what they said exactly here, here, and here.

For whatever reason, ABC and MSNBC had no story whatsoever about the protest on their front pages and I didn’t feel like digging to page 28B to find anything.

Now, if the MSM were my only source for news, I’d be fairly convinced that the protestors were a group of peaceful folks who gathered together to exercise their 1st amendment rights and express their opinion of the Iraq war. If I was a mind numbed lemming, I might even be inclined to agree with all or some of what they were saying because they seem like rational folks with a bunch of like minded individuals.

Funny though. Take a look at the photos put up by Michelle Malkin.

Of course, the dark side of the protest somehow didn't get any coverage by our pals in the "professional" media.

Or this one:

Why are these little boys and girls wearing masks I wonder?

Could it be becuase they're committing crimes as detailed in their own pictures here, here, or here? Or maybe they're just getting ready for the tear gas when they step out of line?

Now, any questions class, as to just why there seems to be two Americas? If there is any doubt in your mind that we're not just fighting a war against the islamists but a war against those who would destroy us from within, then you're an idiot. To the left, and their supporters in the media, that would more accurately be a useful idiot.

To my friends on the right - do not let this go unmentioned. Do not stand silently by and let these thugs control the pulse of our country like they did 3 decades ago in Vietnam.

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