18 August 2005

The Blog | Cindy Sheehan: Memo to Drudge, et al: It's Not About Me, It's About the War | The Huffington Post

Memo to Cindy:

You're a moron. (and that dear readers was a personal attack) How many of you have heard that she has a PR person, hired by one of the Ben and Jerry's moguls to co-ordinate all the on-air activity? Yeah, right, it's not about you. Whatever.

I love it. For today's liberals, if you report what they have said in the past and in the present, and report on the vast inconsistencies in their mindless arguments, report about the lunatic fringe groups with whom they associate with and report on who's paying the bills, then you're attacking them because you don't have an argument.

Does Cindy even remember why she's hanging out in the ditch across from the President's vacation?

that shotgun was not fired at you Cindy. If the shotgun was fired at you, I doubt very much you'd be online whining.

the notes to Cindy are classic, simply classic.
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