15 August 2005

28 Years Gone

It was 28 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting on the edge of my parents bed watching Gilligan's Island when it was interrupted by a news bulletin that announce "The King is dead". I was young, but I realized the magnitude of the loss of this cultural icon. It wasn't until my later years I learned to truly appreciate his music. I embraced the power of "E" and extolled his greatness. My motorcycle roadrace endurance team was named "Takin' Care of Business" and we had "TCB" and the lightening bolt my race bikes. I've toured Graceland and gone through his jet, the Lisa Marie. I've sang Elvis songs until my voice was gone. I've seen Johnny Harrah, the worlds greatest Elvis Impersonator 5 times. He starred in the Elvis documentary titled "This is Elvis". It's as close to the real thing as I could get. I still have the Velvet Elvis that I bought at the big flea market in Sweetwater during the annual Rattle Snake Roundup. It graced the walls of my bachelor pad, for oh so many years. Today It hangs over our clothes dryer in the garage. That's as close as my wife would let it get to the inside of our house.
Elvis died on the toilet. Some think that is embarrassing or even disgraceful, but I disagree. Elvis was the coolest man to ever live. I think He probably knew that your body voids all waste when you die, so knowing it was his time, he went and sat on the toilet.
I'll be wearing a black arm band today, and I'll be listening to Elvis CD's, and when I sit on the toilet, I'll hold a kind thought for E. I hope you will too.
Thank you Elvis, Thank you very much.
Big D
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