04 May 2005

Texas lawmakers vote to ban suggestive cheerleading

Since I've got a horse in this race, I'm gonna give you my $.02 worth. My daughter has been a competitive cheerleader for several years now, and recently tried out for and made the freshman cheerleading squad at the high school she's attending in the fall. Not only that, but she's one of 3 freshmen selected for their competition squad, composed of upper classmen.

I've seen a lot of cheerleading over the years. I've even been the announcer at the NCA National Cheerleading Championships back in the day. I can't even begin to imagine what the definition of "suggestive cheerleading" might be.

What's the standard that will be used to determine what is suggestive, lewd, or inappropriate? This hearkens back to the 60's debate over what constituted "pornography." The Supreme Court won't want any part of this debate, either.

Texas lawmakers need to stay away from this one. In Texas, cheerleader moms can have you whacked.
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