28 May 2005

Some people have no sense of humor

Hat tip to American Drumslinger.

I stole this straight off his site. Is this true? Has this memo ever been written?

Who knows, but it sure made me chuckle this morning.

Military E-Mail

To: All Commands

Subject: Inappropriate T-Shirts

Ref: ComMidEastFor Inst 16134//24 K

1. All commanders promulgate upon receipt

2. The following T-shirts are no longer to be worn on or off base by any military or civilian personnel serving in the Middle East:

"Eat Pork Or Die" [both English and Arabic versions]

"Shrine Busters" [Various. Show burning minarets or bomb/artilleryshells impacting Islamic shrines. Some with unit logos.]

Calvin cartoon figure urinating on the Koran.

"Napalm, Sticks Like Crazy" [Both English and Arabic versions]

"Goat- it isn't just for breakfast any more." [Both English andArabic versions]

"The road to Paradise begins with me." [Mostly Arabic versions but some in English. Some show cross-hairs from sniper scope.]

"Guns don't kill people. I kill people." [Both Arabic and Englishversions]

"Pork. The other white meat.' [Arabic version]

"Infidel" [English, Arabic and other coalition force languages.]

3. The above T-shirts are to be removed from Post Exchanges upon receipt of this directive.

4. The following signs are to be removed upon receipt of this message:

"For Sale. Iraqi Government Rifles. Never Fired, only dropped once."

"Islamic Religious Services Will Be Held at the Firing RangeAt 0800 Daily."

"Do we really need 'smart bombs' to drop on these dumb bastards?"

5. All commands are instructed to implement sensitivity training upon receipt
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