23 May 2005

Gun control activist to auction off finger-cutting device

This is a story about an anti-gun activist who cut off the tip of his finger as a protest.
'When I did it, people said I was crazy,' said Gonzalez, a former Bridgeport city councilman. 'I wonder what they are saying now.'
Oooh, ooooh!!! I know the answer!

Still crazy. $50,000 is the price he's looking for. Unless that finger's a viable kidney, good luck, ya loony.

I actually visited the eBay auction and offered a comment. Within moments, I got a reply. Here's the exchange in it's entirety:
Dear JR,

You asked:
"I'll open the bidding if you'll use that thing on your head. Idiot."

Touche' man. Touche'
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