11 April 2005

My Way News

Disclaimer - I'm not Catholic. Hell, I don't belong to *any* church! But I've had about enough of the Catholic bashing the mainstream media seems intent on forcing down our throats. It seems as if the worst thing in the world to be is either a Christian or a Jew.

I can't fail to point out the irony, however. I don't seem to recall anyone in the media jumping on the "bashing islam" bandwagon. No bashing of the manner islam treats its women. I don't seem to recall anyone asking the islamic imams when they'll let women become priests. I can't recall anyone asking the imams when they'll stop the practice of issuing fatwahs against just about everyone else in the world. I don't remember hearing anyone sticking a microphone in the face of an islamic holy man and asking him what he thought about hacking off the heads of innocent prisoners.

However, the poor Catholic church, which wouldn't moderate *it's* position on abortion, female priests, gay marriage, blah blah blah becomes the whipping boy de jour.
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