12 March 2005

MP's joy at gun ban in Labour manifesto

You know, I like Tony Blair. It's too bad he's such an idiot. Britain's Labour party MPs have their collective heads so far up their collective arses that I doubt they know if the sun is shining or not.
Mr Blair revealed Labour would launch a consultation on new laws to prohibit the sale and carrying of replica firearms, if it won a third term in office.
Politically, this is actually pretty clever, but it's short-lived. Here's the ploy: divert attention from the ever-increasing gun crime issue in the UK by passing legislation that will deprive children of toy guns. The subjects of the UK feel good about this, and everyone lavishes praise on the government for being "tough on crime."

Meanwhile, they've done absolutely nothing - not one single thing - to address the issue of gun crime in the UK. Why? Because they're depriving law-abiding people the ability to lawfully own guns, while the criminals simply reap the rich harvest that lies before them. What do the criminals know? That nobody can lawfully defend themselves, and they can now act with impunity.
But David Davis, the shadow Home Secretary, said: "Tony Blair promised to be tough on crime and the causes of crime but as a direct consequence of this Government's policies, violent, anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol related crime have gone up."

In the UK, you have no rights, only privileges. This, my friends, is the primary difference between a citizen and a subject.
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