28 December 2009

It's an easy solution

Instead of punishing normal folks who aren't interested in getting to paradise and their 72 virgins, the solution to the seemingly endless stream of muslims willing to blow themselves up is an easy one.

Muslims don't fly on American flagged airplanes. If you don't have the stones to take the step necessary to protect the American flying public, then just drop the charade of the TSA searching granny and her walker.

If you want to be PC about it, you could say that muslim males aged 18-50 can't fly on American flagged aircraft and let muslim women, children, and old timers fly. At least up to the point that they also start blowing themselves up. But the sad fact of the matter is that muslim males in that demographic constitute nearly 100% of all suicide bombers or wanna be suicide bombers around the world.

Keep them isolated from the rest of the population and by and large, your problem is solved.
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