26 November 2008

Great googly moogly

Got my Midway catalog in today... Right on the front page there was an add for Stoner AR mags, 20 and 30 rounders for $9.99. Having seen mags go upwards of $25 and climbing I figure that I just might need a handful of those puppies.

I call up and place my order.

Oops. Appears that Midway recieved a shipment of these mags (30,000) on Monday. And they're sold out by today. Still had about 2500 of the 20 rounders, or should I say 2497 after I placed my smallish order tonight.

Good God but that's a lot of mags sold in a few days.

Asked the guy on the phone if they'd been busy lately and as you guessed it, ever since November 5, they've been selling stuff hand over fist.
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