29 September 2008

Shocked, I am!

The House of Representitives actually did the right thing today and voted down the ridiculous bailout bill.

They must have been hearing volumes of mail from their constituents that the thought of the government taking over the mortgage industry was not a good idea. At all.

I firmly believe that if this ridiculous bill were voted on this time last year it would have passed. But only a little more than a month out from the election? That's much too close for comfort for those running for re-election.

I think this could very well be a foreshadowing of the election. Nancy Pelosi couldn't even get all of her Democrats on board. Obama couldn't lead. Bush continues to serve out his (very) lame duck term.

As of the writing of this post, you STILL can't get onto Congress' website. We, the people, have virtually overwhelmed the Congress critters and for once, they did the right thing.
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