09 March 2008

Rebecca Aguilar fired. Finally.

Can't believe this happened 4 days ago and I'm just hearing about it. Must have been all the snow coverage keeping this story under wraps.

We posted here about Rebecca Aguilar ambushing an old man who had defended himself and his business two times - and in the process killed the two thugs tyring to rob and potentially hurt the 70 year old man.

The video shows Aguilar harassing an old man who had just purchased another shotgun - alluding to the fact that guns are bad, why do you need another one? She brings the old fellow to tears, and badgers him throughout the interview.

Well, dear readers, it's taken a while, but at last Aguilar has been fired from Fox 4.
In a telephone interview Wednesday night, Aguilar, 49, said she was checking her mail at mid-afternoon that day when she noticed an envelope under her front door mat. It informed her that Fox4 was exercising an option to drop her at the halfway point of a two-year contract that began on March 6, 2007.
Aguilar remains unrepentant:
"I just think it's really sad that I gave this company 14 years and I did about 6,000 interviews," Aguilar said. "And now I'm out of a job because of one interview? It's like in one swoop it ruined my reputation. It ruined my name."
You lost your job not because of the interview, but for the manner in which you performed it. You harassed, badgered, and intimidated a 70 year old man to the point of tears. You are an embarrassment to your profession (if it can be called that) and all I can say is good bye, good riddance, and don't let the door hit ya on the ass on the way out.
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