03 April 2007

New additions to the 'fish family

Sorry for the light blogging of late!! Been busier than a one-legged man at an ass kicking contest....

I've got some new blasters to show you; the finished Tiger Striped 1911 that I'm fondling right now and a new big gun - Thumper. You've basically got 3-4 available choices in the .308 semi-auto variety - any guesses?

I'll try and get some pictures posted soon, and hope to do a range report on Thumper ASAP - there's a story going around the internets that it's possible to empty a full 20 round mag of .308 into a target at 50 yards in 3 seconds, with all shots hitting the A zone. Well, I'm gonna put it to the test....

Some random thoughts here:

- Will Rosie ever shut her pie hole?
- What the hell's the matter with the Supreme Court, saying that they can regulate greenhouse gases?? Where exactly is that in the Constitution?
- What happened to Great Britain? Used to be they'd lay waste to a whole country for capturing 15 of their sailors. I guess the sun has indeed set on the British Empire.
- Will Fred Thompson PLEASE get in the Presidential race?? Please!?
- Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that the Democrats in Congress are praying for a repeat of Vietnam?? Don't they want to win?
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