19 May 2007

Sorry I missed this one!

It would appear that gun grabber Mayor Bloomberg of NYC has ticked off some interesting fellows in Virginia.

In response to Bloomberg's attempt to sue gun shops for allegedly selling guns to NYC undercover officers, these guys staged a rally and gave away a coupla free guns!

How cool is that? Looks like they had a decent turnout and coverage by the press wasn't all that bad; nowadays, that's a victory.

There was some whining going on; seems like parents of some of the kids killed at Virginia Tech don't like guns at all - never mind the fact that VT essentially begged somone to go on a gun rampage by declaring it a "gun free zone". Ever notice that the only people that don't carry a gun in gun free zones are the good guys? Those among our population who are defective don't seem to pay those silly gun free zones much attention now, do they???

Nevertheless, I digress.

Any chance to win a free gun is a good day! Wish I could have been there.
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