11 May 2007

Bullet Hose

We came about this little gem after detaining a collection of Iraqi oil and pipeline security folk who were conducting illegal shakedown checkpoints out in the hinterlands. In the process of cataloguing their equipment the scribing NCO described the MG3 as some sort of Star Wars blaster rifle, and so it’s true nature went undiscovered until I happened to see it propped up against the wall in the supply room, whereupon I discerned the true nature of this fine piece of warmongery.

Star Wars Blaster rifle. Now THAT'S funny. Largely because copies of the MG42 (The MG3 is a modernized MG42, firing .308) and other German weapons like the broomhandle Mauser were used in Star Wars and also because it shows just how much Star Wars has permeated our daily lexicon.

Did a little looking around on You Tube and found this video of some fellas having fun with an MG3 like the one described in the story linked above. This puppy is definitely on my list of weapons to shoot if I ever get a chance to get my hands on one!

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