28 December 2006

Santa Brought Me Bullets!

These are some rounds I made with the .40 180g Hornady Action Pistol bullets (also pictured) that Santa brought. They're over 4.3g of TiteGroup, and using Federal small pistol primers in recovered brass/nickel, with an overall length of 1.135". I understand these bullets were very popular with the USPSA crowd until some competitors came along (Zero, Precision Delta, etc.). The HAP bullets cost $101/1000 rounds, whereas the Zero and company come in around $80-85/1000. I got gift certificates to Midway USA, so I decided to try the HAP. It's a nice jacketed hollow point, without the expansion cannelures that many of the other (similar) bullets have. They claim that expansion is pretty silly on cardboard, and this makes them more accurate. Whatever - as long as I can make holes in the targets. I also like that there's no lead exposed on the base - it's fully jacketed, which means less lead and smoke.

I'll be trying these out on Saturday at our match, and I'll follow back with a report.
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