21 May 2014

Dear Open Carry Texas

From my Facebook page.

"Let's go to a restaurant/store/city and open carry. We'll get media attention!"
"This restaurant/store/city is awesome! They love guns! Look at our pictures!"
Public outcry. Media feeding frenzy.
Restaurant/store/city is forced to ameliorate the majority.
"Don't go to that restaurant/store/city! It sucks, and they hate guns!"

That pretty much sums it up. I wish y'all would stop helping. You're making gun owners look like extremist fools. 

You're doing NOTHING to help the cause of open pistol carry legislation in Texas, you're hurting the image of responsible gun owners in general, and you're FORCING businesses to make decisions that up until now, didn't affect gun owners. Now it affects everyone, even if it's not technically legal without proper signage. And for what? Because it's legal to open carry a long gun? Yes, we know that. It doesn't need further proof.

Do something useful for a change.

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